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Obituary for John "Jack" O'Malley

John Christopher O’Malley, AKA “Jack”, age 58 of Yonkers, New York, died on Monday October 23, 2023 surrounded by his sisters Eileen and Maeve, his Uncle Terry and Aunt Mary, his hand was held by is dear cousin T.J. and his wife Jeanette and Alex, at Westchester Medical Center Trauma ICU. Jack spent nine days fighting the fight of his life, in the end he succumbed to injuries that were too big to overcome, following a catastrophic motorcycle accident on Sunday October 15, 2023.

Jack was born August 19,1965 in The Bronx, to Jack and Jean O’Malley from Dublin, Ireland. He was the first of three children and the only son.

He is survived by his wife of 27 years, Vicki, his daughter Nicole and son - in - law Chris, his grand daughters Kaitlyn and Emily, who were adored by their Poppa Jack.

Sisters: Eileen Byrne and brother - in - law Brendan and nephew Brendan, Maeve O’Malley and brother - in - law Rick and niece Magnolia.

Jack O’Malley had many loves in his life, he was proud of his family, he was proud of his years of military service with the U.S. Army, and the great love of his life was his brotherhood with Yonkers Motorcycle Club.

Writing an obituary for your brother is too difficult a task, there were so many important people in his life, which we have had the gift of seeing Jack through their eyes for the past week.

What can we ever say that would give you a small idea of who our brother was, the impact he made on every one he met and just how it felt when he looked at you with that grin…a feeling that you would be blessed to experience, if you were among the lucky few to experience it.

One of his “brothers” from the club, Keith put Jack into words, so we are sharing his wonderful tribute with you.

Jackie was one of the most animated people I have ever met. Hands down- He was “The King of One Liners.” Rarely could you throw him off his game and when you got him started, he was unstoppable. He was so refined in his talent, sometimes you wouldn’t even know he was throwing a dig on you. It would usually go over most people heads, especially strangers that met him for the first time. He had so many classic sayings and they randomly pop in my head from day to day and without a doubt they will always bring a chuckle, even in the most inappropriate places and inappropriate times. His choice of material included a wide array of topics, ranging from politics, long enduring traffic commutes in the city, daily dodging of diapers being catapulted at him from the 5th floor windows of the complexes he worked at and to his glorious days of bartending and catering in many of the "local fine establishments" as he would say. He always had a story ready for us and attending club meetings was a special site to bear witness of Jack in action. Being with his brothers brought out his best. His choice of words captivated an audience and drew them closer, the anticipation of not knowing what he was going to say next was probably the most exciting part of being friends with Jack. The occasional “What the fuck are we doing holding a Mensa meeting guys!” or “We’re not solving world peace here, pick a dish already” were some of Ol' Jackie boy’s favorite go- to lines.
It was so entertaining watching his facial expressions as you were explaining something to him too. You could see his eyes start to get wider, a little lift of his brow began to show, mouth slowly opening, and the inner workings of a complex mechanical gear system actually started in motion. I had watched this process unfold thousands of times and I swear there was an old school locomotive train, a loud whistle blaring and a conductor yelling All Aboard in his head! There were times when people would tell him a story or were explaining certain events that unfolded and Jackie would reply “OKAY?” If you were really lucky, he may hit you with a really long “Ooookayyy?” Then it would quickly turn in to a “Got it, Dig it, I’m good, Enough said, say no more.” One may never know what he was actually thinking in that moment, was it, “Holy shit, I can’t believe the words that are coming out of this person's mouth right now”, or was he stalling for time as he plots his next sarcastic dig. Who knows, but I know it must have been good.
He had many laughs, one of my favorites was the high-pitched Chihuahua laugh, almost like a yelp when you step on a dog’s tail. It came out of nowhere and it was impossible for him to contain that laugh. Once we got him started, it quickly turned into a gasping laugh, then into a crying laugh. I was always able to get his attention, usually with a quick eye roll or a slow shift of my head to his direction. That was enough to illicit the Chihuahua laugh or even better AHHHH ha-ha hah followed by a “Right on.”
He was also an expert negotiator – His professionalism and tactfulness in the “art of the deal” would usually include something like. “Getta outta here, we aint paying that. Whatta ya nuts, why don’t you just club me over the head when I’m not looking. Your pulling my leg right? No way, this is what we’re paying, you don’t like It find someone else.”
If he liked you- you were referred to as a “standup guy, a class act, a gentleman or a cool cat”. If he didn’t like you, then you might be on the receiving end of a cold shoulder or maybe the main character of his comedy routine as the night progressed. Jack was my sponsor when I started out with the club and as he stated, “I got calls every week about this guy, never was there a dull moment with Keith”. As a prospect, my job would be to shadow him and I quickly learned that when he was talking on the phone, Jackie was on the move. He could not stay still in one place at one time. He would easily span hundreds of feet in random patterns, pacing or marching and there I was following him up and down the street like a puppy dog while he talked on his cell phone.
He loved his family, My Gosh he loved his family! He always talked about his mom and dad, sisters, nieces and nephews. They were his everything. He loved to show pictures and videos of all their accomplishments. He would occasionally break into the Irish brogue and imitate his Mom or Dad and took it hard upon their passing. He hid it well, but we all knew Jackie wouldn’t let you know any of his problems because he was the go- to guy, always looking to help other people. His family was without a doubt a topic of conversation at every Friday meeting. On more than one occasion, the entire club had to be reminded that if anything ever happened to any of his family members then we would be taking a field trip to resolve the matter in a most expeditious manner. He had a guy for everything too, he knew so many people and was liked by so many. His networking capabilities were second to none and always able to speak publicly and represent himself in a manner worthy of admiration.
I have been out of touch with my brother for a little while now, but I was fortunate enough to see Ol Jackie in the hospital and tell him that “I love him and that I miss him”. I told him to “fight every day like he never fought.” His eyes widened and he was able to illicit a head nod in agreement. Even though God didn’t answer my prayers, I know without a doubt, he answered Jacks prayers. Jack was the type of person that did not want to be a burden on anyone, and he knew his long fight ahead of him would put him into that very situation. For those that knew Jack and knew him well, you saw Sarcastic Jack, Anxious Jack, Mad Jack, Compassionate Jack, Sad Jack and most of all Happy Jack. There is no doubt in my mind that he will always be remembered by his friends, his family and his club brothers as Happy Jack.
Till we meet again- Jackie. I love you brother and please look over us.