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Obituary for Vin Nakvichit

With warmth in his heart and a determined spirit, Vin Nakvichit was born on Monday April 8th, 1940 at
Phichit province in Thailand. He started elementary school and graduated high school from Phichit
Pittayakom school. Vin started working at Coca-Cola as a supervisor in Bangkok, Thailand and was there
for 15 years. Today, we reflect on the early chapters of a life lived with purpose and dedication. His
journey on this earth was a testament to kindness, hard work, and enduring love.
Vin married Rose in 1961 and was married for a total of 61 loving years. Rose was working as a designer
and became a gifted seamstress in Bangkok. Vin and Rose have two children together. Their oldest son
was Cheita. He was a sophomore in college before passing away from a car accident in 1983. In 1972, the
Nakvichit family ventured across continents to make New York their home. The youngest son, Chiravut,
obtained a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Manhattan College. Vin was working as a
hotel manager and later moved up to hotel maintenance in Park Avenue before he retired. Vin actively
engaged in the Thai community, playing pivotal roles in several important initiatives. He started a board
of committee to begin the building of the first Thai temple in the Bronx, USA Buddahayram Temple. He
also established a Thai golf community, bringing people together through shared interests. In addition, he
was a PTA for a Thai school within the temple, showing his commitment to education and preserving
Thai culture. He was then later elected as the president of Northern Thai Association, twice.
In 2009, Chiravut married Elizabeth, who now graduated with a Doctoral degree in nursing and working
as a nurse practitioner with her own wellness center clinic. Vin has three grandchildren. The oldest is
Isabella Vidtawan. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry. She will
now work towards continuing her education at Weill Cornell Medical School. The second grandchild is
Benjamin Vachiravin, who is currently in middle school holding a high-honor title with 95% GPA. His
youngest grandson, Alexander Vachiravit, is in 6th grade with a high honor of 97% GPA.
Following his retirement years marked by a lifetime of remarkable achievements and diligent effort, Vin
was tragically diagnosed with colon cancer, where he underwent chemotherapy. He was then later
diagnosed with CAD, COPD, had open heart surgery and pacemaker insertion. In 2020, he got COVID
and has been battling long covid with the use of 24-hours monitored oxygen. Throughout this health
journey, Vin's family and friends became an unyielding source of support, standing by him with love and
care. He faced each day with a courage that was nothing short of extraordinary. His family's devotion and
inclusivity enriched his life, creating a tapestry of shared memories that illuminated his final years. In
every smile, every laugh, and every shared meal, Vin's enduring joy became a perfectly painted picture of
a life well-lived.
Vin Nakivchit passed away peacefully on November 30th, 2023 due to heart failure. As we bid farewell to
his presence, let us carry forward the lessons of his tenacity, cherishing the memories of a man who faced
adversity with unwavering bravery. In our hearts, his legacy lives on, a beacon of strength, love, and the
enduring spirit of a life well-fought.